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    in Göcek

    Start your Day with a typical Turkish Breakfast

    Turkish breakfast is a great way to start your day. Çay (Turkish Tea served in tulip shaped glasses) is accompanied by local cheeses, jams, honey, tomatoes and olives with local breads. Sometimes there will be eggs, cold meats, savoury pastries and seasonal fruit too.  

    There’s plenty of variety, so the picky eaters among us can choose what they like and what they don't. It's organic-friendly and vegetarian-friendly.

    Rent a Boat or Yacht and Take a Tour around Bays and Islands

    In Göcek, you have a lot of options for renting small or big boats or even yachts. Just go to the harbour or the marinas which are located downtown and rent one! Soon you’ll be off to sea!.

    Göcek has many hidden and unspoilt bays and islands that you can visit and where you can swim. This adventure will take the whole day but you won’t regret it!

    Try Traditional or Modern Turkish Cuisine for Dinner

    Turkish cuisine is inherently healthy and highly seasonal, with most dishes being created from the abundance of fresh produce available.

    The flavours and spices that go into Turkish Cuisine are not only delicious, they have antioxidant properties, working to lower cholesterol, eliminate toxins and boost immunity.

    You can go to many luxury or boutique restaurants in Göcek downtown and in hotels  and enjoy the delicious dishes at the end of the day!

    Go to Babadağ and Experience Paragliding

    After taking a boat tour on your first day and having had time to relax your second day might be time to raise your adrenaline levels by going paragliding on Babadağ, nearby Ölüdeniz.

    Ölüdeniz is very popular for paragliders from all over the world because of the ideal conditions throughout the whole year. It boasts an awesome landscape and you fly from Babadağ (rising nearly 2000 metres right above the sea) down the mountainside and over the sea landing on the beach. It is one of the most beautiful take-offs anywhere in the world with breath-taking views, stable weather conditions and the amazing nature of Ölüdeniz.

    Enjoy the Nightlife of Göcek Before Leaving

    You’ve got two great options to enjoy your last night in Göcek! The first is to stay on the land and go to stylish bars. Or how about you enjoy the whole night on a boat or a yacht for a very special party?