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    Göcek, a small holiday town in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, has an excellent cuisine typical of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

    The defining characteristic of this style of cooking is that it uses local fresh ingredients resulting in dishes which are both substantial yet not too heavy and with great flavours. The fertile environment produces a great assortment of excellent vegetable produce as well as quality olive oil and an assortment of spices. All these contribute to a diet which is healthy and varied.

    It’s not surprising that fish and seafood are an important fixture of these coastal towns. Most is locally and responsibly sourced.  In local restaurants you will be offered the day’s catch fresh off the boat.

    Muğla Province is famous for its meat and olive oil dishes. Döş Dolması (a type of stuffed brisket) and Çökertme Kebab (marinated strips of meat served with fried potatoes, garlic yoghurt, tomato sauce, fried tomatoes and green peppers) are great choices for meat lovers. The famous Tarhana Soup (tarhana is a mix of bulgur wheat or flour mixed with yoghurt, tomato paste and herbs and spices), is one of Muğla's most revered dishes, and the locals claim it has healing powers.  For fish lovers, there are lots of local fish and Kefal Dolma (a stuffed fish dish).

    In Göcek, you are able to try all of these local specialities in a good variety of top quality or simple restaurants or in the many local hotels!