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  • smell


    There are lots of amazing aromas and scents in and around Göcek. The area is home to some of Aegean Türkiye’s endemic plants, such as seedless pomegranates, thyme, lavender and sage.

    The local sage, which grows amongst the rocks of the mountains all the way from İzmir to the shores of Muğla, is a species native to the Aegean and, doubtless, you will come across this special plant in Göcek. Sometimes you will see locals picking it from the hillside to make into an herbal tea.

    Also, mullein, campanula, foxglove, centaurea are among the endemic plants of the Aegean Region of Türkiye that you can find in Göcek.

    The species of lavender that grows in the Aegean Region is called "Lavandula Kariensis". This beautiful smelling flower is used for its aroma in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries. It is also used in the composition of drugs that regulate the central nervous system.