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  • Göcek GoTürkiye

    Göcek is a pretty harbour town where the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas meet.



    Amazing Sights and Sites where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet…



    Göcek, a small holiday town in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, has an excellent cuisine typical of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.



    There are lots of amazing aromas and scents in and around Göcek. The area is home to some of Aegean Türkiye’s endemic plants, such as seedless pomegranates, thyme, lavender and sage.



    Göcek sits in a large beautiful bay that offers a plethora of popular or hidden beaches where you can submerse yourself in the clear turquoise waters of the sea to cool down after the heat of the sun beating down on golden sand.



    Situated just one hour’s drive from Göcek, The Butterfly Valley sits at the foothill of Babadağ, a 1,975 metre high mountain nominated for preservation as a World Heritage site.

    5 vibes for Göcek

    like locals

    The boat tours that take you around all 12 islands are an experience like no other.

    48 hours

    in Göcek

    Turkish breakfast is a great way to start your day. Çay (Turkish Tea served in tulip shaped glasses) is accompanied by local cheeses, jams, honey, tomatoes and olives with local breads. Sometimes there will be eggs, cold meats, savoury pastries and seasonal fruit too.